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Petnet Smartfeeder | Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews

The Petnet SmartFeeder is true to its name – its a really smart, hi-tech pet feeder. Not only does can it be controlled from a mobile app, but it also works with Amazon Alexa. So instead of arguing endlessly about which member of your family is going to get up and feed your dog, you can simply say something like “Alexa, feed Molly”! Is that cool or is that cool? Features You can control the Petnet SmartFeeder from your mobile app, and use it to set up an automated feeding schedule for your dog, complete with portion sizing and...

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CleverPet Hub Review | Automatic Dog Feeder and Gaming Console

The CleverPet Hub is like a game console for your dog, which challenges your dog’s brain with unique puzzles. Plus you get the added benefit of an automatic dog feeder. Technology-enabled pet products are all the rage nowadays, and CleverPet takes that game a whole level up! Features The CleverPet has several challenges, and new ones are created on an ongoing basis. These challenges start out simple, automatically adjust to your dog’s level, and  increase in complexity as your dog “gets it”. The newest challenge recently introduced by CleverPet is Color Match — where your dog needs to get...

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GoBone Toy For Dogs – Features and Reviews

The GoBone is a smart bone that automatically plays with your dog to keep them busy and entertained. Your pup will never be bored even when you don’t have the time to play. The GoBone also has a mobile app to allow you and your dog to play with the GoBone together when you’re around. Each GoBone is customized for your specific dog so that it can interest every dog. With its durable and easy to use design, GoBone is sure to be a hit with you and your dog. Features Shell and wheels are removable which makes washing...

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Best Dog Camera Treat Dispenser | Interactive Pet Cameras

What does your dog do when you are not home? Your dog and you – best buddies. You hang out together when you are having fun, or even when you are just chilling out. But what about when you are at work? Or away on vacation? Don’t you wonder what your best friend does then? You can make a phone call and chat with your human family, or even do a video call with them. Then why leave your canine family member out? Now, with the advent of pet cameras, you can see what your dog is doing even...

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Fitbark vs Whistle – Which One is Right For You?

The FitBark and Whistle are both dog monitors. While the FitBark is geared particularly towards activity and health tracking, the Whistle is geared towards GPS tracking as well as activity. They definitely do have some differences and it really depends on you and your dog as to which one is a better fit. The FitBark is a very lightweight, easy-to-use dog activity monitor. It’s simple to charge, simple to see stats, and it has an attractive bone shape design. It shows “BarkPoints”, sleep scores, and calories. You can even see your dog’s stats from the last week or month...

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