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Pawbo Reviews

Pawbo is a pet camera and a treat dispenser. It features two-way audio for you to hear and talk with your pets when you’re away. It streams one way video in 720p and dispenses treats with just a tap on your phone. Additionally, Pawbo features an interactive laser function where it keeps your pets entertained while giving them good exercise. The laser jumps around the room while your pet chases it. Features Pawbo features a decent streaming quality with a capability to directly download to your dropbox. It also features several sound effects you can enable in order to...

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PetCube Review | PetCube Play Remote Wifi Pet Camera

Petcube Play is a sleek looking device that connects to your phone via the PetCube App. The purpose of this product is for you to be able to see your pets through video and talk to them through the device when you are away. It has a one way video and two way audio functionality. PetCube costs around $150. One of the product’s primary attractions is its pet friendly laser functionality which serves to exercise pets when you are away. When you want it to, it will go to autoplay mode and the laser will move around. This will...

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Furbo Dog Camera Reviews | Treat Dispenser for your Pet

The Furbo dog camera is a very sleek looking device that allows you to monitor your pet through a 720p camera while you’re away. Another primary function of the device is to actually toss treats to your pet when you choose to do so from your iPhone. Furbo additionally has a dog barking sensor that alerts you when your pet is sounding restless or troubled. You can then actually talk to your pet through the audio of the camera. Features Furbo is equipped with streaming video in 720p HD and in night vision as well. The device also has...

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Petzi Treat Cam Reviews

Petzi is a very small device with a camera for you to be able to interact with your pet when you are away. The Petzi treat cam’s main function is for you to be able to give your dog treats from the tap of a button on your iPhone (the device will then dispense treats accordingly). Petzi also serves as a one way audio transmitter where your pet can hear you. Petzi currently costs around $170. Features You connect to the Petzi device through a free, secure app on your iPhone. Petzi additionally features its own catalog to feature...

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PetChatz HD Reviews | 2 Way Video Camera For Pets

PetChatz HD is an innovative product which allows you to do a two-way video call between you and your pet. You can use it with a small little device called the PawCall, which has a button on it that your pet can press to call you via videochat! Additionally, the PetChatz device has the capability of dispensing treats upon the owner’s request. All the owner has to do is click a button on their phone and they can be miles away but still give their pet a treat. Features PetChatz HD has an exceedingly durable design that is of...

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