1. There is nothing in the world cuter than a Frenchie puppy.

2. You are not lying when you blame your dog for the disgusting odor in the room. Frenchies can let loose with farts like no one else!

3. Your Frenchie’s snores are reverberatingly loud, but you’ve learned to treat them as soothing sounds which lull you to sleep.

4. You couldn’t find a better babysitter anywhere.

5. When your Frenchie is embarrassingly stubborn in public, you promise yourself you’ll teach him or her a lesson when you get home…

Going to work got me feeling some type a way 😩

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6. But then they give you this ADORABLE goofy smile when you get home

7. And then you cuddle your Frenchie instead – because really, how snuggly can anyone be??!!

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