What does your dog do when you are not home?

Dog At Home

Your dog and you – best buddies. You hang out together when you are having fun, or even when you are just chilling out. But what about when you are at work? Or away on vacation? Don’t you wonder what your best friend does then? You can make a phone call and chat with your human family, or even do a video call with them. Then why leave your canine family member out? Now, with the advent of pet cameras, you can see what your dog is doing even when he or she is not with you, and you can even talk to your dog!

Dog cameras are a relatively new breed (no pun intended, ha ha!) of product, so let us tell you a little bit about them. Depending on which one you end up getting (see comparison below), they can have some or all of these features:

1. Keeping an eye on your dog:

Most of these dog cameras allow for not only audio but video communication as well. So you can see what Fido is up to. You can confirm that he or she is not getting into trouble, and also just get your doggy fix if you are in need of some pick-me-ups.

2. Minimizing your dog’s loneliness & boredom:

You miss your dog when you are away, but your dog probably misses you even more! Hearing your voice, and in some cases seeing you too, could make your dog feel like you are right there! This may even help dogs who have some kind of separation anxiety.

As far as reducing your dog’s boredom goes, apart from communication with you, your dog can also get some treats and/or some exercise – just read on.

3. Treat dispensing:

In many instances, you can give Fido a treat by using a mobile app connected to the dog camera. So imagine this – you call your dog directly, and he comes over because it rings or lights up, and he knows he’ll be able to hear and/or see you. As an added incentive, you can tell your dog he’s a good boy, and toss him a treat — all remotely! It’s really the next best thing to being right next to him and snuggling him up!

4. Entertainment and exercise:

Some of these devices even come equipped with a laser, which moves around to give your dog some entertainment, and possible some exercise, if your dog like to pounce on lasers.

If you are considering getting a dog camera, you may be a bit confused about which one to get, since there are a lot of pet cameras that have recently flooded the market. But don’t worry – we have individual detailed reviews of each one, and we’ve even created a quick-look table may make for an easy comparison for you. So here it is.

PetChatz Furbo PetCube Petzi Pawbo
Audio Communications Two-way Two-way Two-way One-way Two-way
Video Communications Two-way One-way One-way One-way One-way
Treat Dispensing Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Laser Toy No No Yes No Yes
Other Stuff Soothing scents; With optional Pawcall, pets can initiate communication Night vision; Wide lens;Barking sensor Night vision; Ability tozoom Can be portable Modern look
Mobile Compatibility iOS & Android iOS & Android iOS & Android iOS & Android iOS & Android
Rating 9.4 9.3 9.3 9.2 9.0
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