Sniffing Out the Best Dog Subscription Boxes Around

Which box is the best for you and your dog depends. On a lot of factors. Which is why we’ve separate sections underneath which will give you details on different boxes based on your specific situation. But still, if you just kind of want a general feel, we have made a list of some of our favorite boxes right here.

Most Durable: Bullymake

If you want toys that are indestructible (well almost), then Bullymake is the right choice for you. With their replacement guarantee of their toys lasting at least 14 days, those with power chewing dogs will be in heaven! There is also the flexibility of specifying your dog’s allergies, or even getting a toys only box. They also ship the first box out super quickly, so you don’t have to wait too long. You can find out more in our detailed Bullymake box review. Or of course, if you have already made up your mind about trying this out, then go get it now!

Most Variety: ShaggySwag

ShaggySwag offers a variety of things which are not often seen in dog subscription boxes. They craft their boxes around the 3Cs of convenience, comfort, and connection. Since they try to include items in each of these categories, their boxes contain the a ton of variety. Apart from toys and treats, ShaggySwag boxes include items such as poop bags (which dog owner doesn’t constantly need those!), and fashion accessories. So if you are looking for many different items, and some stylish accessories, try out the ShaggySwag. Or if you want to find out more details, read our extensive ShaggySwag review.

Most Bang for your Buck: Woof Pack

If you are looking for an affordable monthly box for your dog, look no further. Woof Pack stays aways from the fancy packaging and the middlemen, and passes these savings along to the customer. They claim that the retail value of what you get is always more than what you pay. If you want your beloved pooch to get treats and toys monthly, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it, then Woof Pack is your best bet! To give you an idea of the cost, for a medium-sized dog, if you pre-pay for upto 6 months, you can get each box for $19.99. Check out our review of Woof Pack for more details, or if you are ready to buy, don’t forget to use the code TIPTOPDOGZ10 for an extra 10% off!

Most Healthy: PawPack


If you are looking for natural and healthy stuff, the PawPack is the right box for your dog. They hand select natural products, and wellness is an integral part of their mission. They try to focus on treats that are made with organic and wholesome ingredients and are grain-free. Their toys are durable too, and they claim to keep power chewers in mind too. If this clean and natural box appeals to you, then you can either read our detailed PawPack review, or simply head on over to try this out now!

In case you are also a cat person, it just came to my attention that apparently there are cat subscription boxes as well. I guess that totally makes sense, but being a dog person myself, I had just never thought about that. Whatever — just wanted to mention it.