Maxxidog Omega Oil is tremendously popular with dog owners who have used it, as you can see from the overwhelmingly positive reviews. It’s a nutritional supplement for dogs, which purportedly results in a visibly shiny and glossy coat, and often helps with reducing itching and flaking. It claims to have various other benefits as well, many of which are discussed below in more detail.


Maxxdog Omega Oil contains Omega 3, 6, and 9. In addition, it also contains vitamins A, D and E. Further, it also includes some Biotin. It is manufactured in a facility based in the USA which is certified by the  NASC (National Animal Supplement Council).

The ingredient list starts out with Soybean oil. The next two ingredients are Flaxseed oil and Fish oil (in that order). You can see more details in the picture.


Many dog owners have found that MaxxiOmega Oil provides a variety of different benefits due to the various ingredients mentioned above. Some of the dog owner experiences are outlined in more detail in the customer reviews section below.

Let’s go through these benefits one by one:

  • Silky, glossy and healthy coats: Several dog owners have commented about the palpable improvement in their dogs’ coat after very soon after including this product in the dogs’ diets. In addition, many have commented that their dogs have experienced significant reduction in the itchiness of their skin. Omega fatty acids in general, and Omega 6 in particular, are associated with soft and healthy coats for dogs.So if your dog has a dull, unhealthy looking coat, and/or very itchy skin, this is certainly something to try out.
  • Joint pain relief: Omega 3, one of the ingredients present in Maxxidog Omega Oil, is known to reduce inflammation. So this can help with joint pain, and reduce the risk of arthritis. It can also help ease discomfort associated with day-to-day exercise, especially for older dogs. There is also some evidence that maintaining a normal inflammatory response can enhance heart health.
  • Controlling blood sugar: Omega 9 is known to help in controlling blood sugar.
  • Helping with cholesterol issues: Omega 9 is also known to impact cholesterol positively – it helps in a duality of ways – both by reducing “bad” cholesterol, and by increasing “good” cholesterol.
  • Promote overall health: Vitamins A, D and E are present in this product, and these promote overall health by preventing deficiencies of these vitamins and the ill-effects associated with them.

Customer Reviews

Customers are overall delighted with Maxxidog Omega Oil, as is evidenced by this product’s 4.5 star rating on Amazon which can be seen below. Most users

The ease of dispensing this product has also been praised by many users. It comes in a pump bottle, and it is super easy to simply pump one or multiple pumps (depending on the size of your dog). So there’s no pouring out, spilling, wiping messes, etc.

Most dogs seem to like the taste of MaxxiOmega Oil very very much, so that makes giving them this supplement a fun thing to do, rather than a wrestling match! Many picky eaters even seem to like their food better once a pump or two of this is added on. Like with everything else though, there is a range on this, and there are some dogs who do not appear to like this being added to their food. A small number of owners have reported that their dogs got diarrhea or gas after eating this supplement, so watch your dog carefully for such symptoms and stop use immediately if it does not seem to suit him or her.

A few owners were also unhappy with the soy oil on the list of ingredients. If that bothers you, maybe this is not the product for your dog. Check out the reviews below for more details.

Most customers also report that the customer service from the company is excellent.


The Bottom Line

A large majority of dog owners – and apparently their dogs – are very happy with Maxxidog Omega Oil. So if you are considering a supplement like this one and like the potential benefits, try out a bottle and see if it works for your beloved canine.

Maxxidog Omega Oil


Health benefits


Ease of use


Customer service



  • Most people are happy with the health benefits
  • Easy to use
  • Most dogs love the taste


  • Not cheap
  • Some dogs have experienced diarrhea after use