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Best Dog Subscription Boxes: Treat Your Dog Monthly

Sniffing Out the Best Dog Subscription Boxes Around Which box is the best for you and your dog depends. On a lot of factors. Which is why we’ve separate sections underneath which will give you details on different boxes based on your specific situation. But still, if you just kind of want a general feel, we have made a list of some of our favorite boxes right here. Most Durable: Bullymake If you want toys that are indestructible (well almost), then Bullymake is the right choice for you. With their replacement guarantee of their toys lasting at least 14 days, those with power chewing dogs will be in heaven! There is also the flexibility of specifying your dog’s allergies, or even getting a toys only box. They also ship the first box out super quickly, so you don’t have to wait too long. You can find out more in our detailed Bullymake box review. Or of course, if you have already made up your mind about trying this out, then go get it now! Most Variety: ShaggySwag ShaggySwag offers a variety of things which are not often seen in dog subscription boxes. They craft their boxes around the 3Cs of convenience, comfort, and connection. Since they try to include items in each of these categories, their boxes contain the a ton of variety. Apart from toys and treats, ShaggySwag...

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BullyMake Box For Your Dog: Review & Coupon Code

What Sets the Bullymake BoxApart With so many subscription boxes for dogs available on the market today, we always like to start out with the unique features of a particular box. What sets Bully make apart is that it is specifically created for heavy chewers. The toys that they include in their boxes are made to withstand all kinds of powerful jaws. So if your beloved canine is a turbo-charged power chewer who can destroy anything in a matter of minutes, then maybe you should try out the Bullymake. What’s In The Box In general, each Bullymake box contains...

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Maxxidog Omega Oil – Reviews of Omega Oil Supplement for Dogs

Maxxidog Omega Oil is tremendously popular with dog owners who have used it, as you can see from the overwhelmingly positive reviews. It’s a nutritional supplement for dogs, which purportedly results in a visibly shiny and glossy coat, and often helps with reducing itching and flaking. It claims to have various other benefits as well, many of which are discussed below in more detail. Ingredients Maxxdog Omega Oil contains Omega 3, 6, and 9. In addition, it also contains vitamins A, D and E. Further, it also includes some Biotin. It is manufactured in a facility based in the USA...

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Winter Dog Boots That Stay On – 5 Best Dog Boots

Doggy paws appear to be much tougher than human feet, and that’s why our canine companions can deal with running around “bare-pawed” most of the time. Yet, their paws to are susceptible to many injuries and damage, such as frost-bite, cracking, and getting damaged due to extreme heat or cold. Our pets rely upon us for taking great care of them and making sure they are healthy and safe. So if you are concerned that your dog’s paws may be suffering, seriously consider getting one of these boots for him or her. One of the major concerns about winter boots for dogs, or any boots for dogs for that matter, is that they just don’t stay on. Often it’s because dogs just don’t want to keep them on, and so they find creative ways of getting them off their paws. We all know how astute dogs can be in getting their way! But equally often, these boots just fall off because of the shape of dogs’ paws – after all, unlike our human feet, there is no real horizontal portion to make sure the feet stay in. So we’ve particularly included on our list below boots that do a reasonably good job of staying on the dog’s paws. (List coming shortly – putting it together...

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