What Sets the Bullymake BoxApart

With so many subscription boxes for dogs available on the market today, we always like to start out with the unique features of a particular box. What sets Bully make apart is that it is specifically created for heavy chewers. The toys that they include in their boxes are made to withstand all kinds of powerful jaws. So if your beloved canine is a turbo-charged power chewer who can destroy anything in a matter of minutes, then maybe you should try out the Bullymake.

What’s In The Box

In general, each Bullymake box contains some super durable toys (typically 2-3), and some treats (3-4). However, you can customize the contents of each box to some extent.

If your pet has certain food allergies, you can let Bullymake know, so that the treats they send don’t include those ingredients. At this time, their order form allows you to specify whether your dog has grain allergies, chicken/grain allergies, or beef/grain allergies. If your dog is allergic to more/different allergies, you can simply select an option of a “toys only” box, where no treats are sent at all, and instead a larger number of toys (typically 4) is included.

When placing an order, you’ll also need to specify the weight of your dog. You can specify a weight all the way from 10 pounds to 200 pounds, in 10 pound increments. The size of the toys and/or treats sent to you will depend on the size of your dog.

If you have multiple dogs in your family, or if you just want to pamper your dog some more, you can order an extra premium toy in each box too!

What You Pay

Overall, the Bully make is more expensive than several other dog subscription boxes. However, the toys they send are specifically designed for heavy chewers, and such durable toys probably do cost more to make. But the thing is, at least you get toys that your dog can enjoy for more than just a few minutes!

Like with most subscription boxes, how much you pay for depends on how many months you sign up for – the longer the duration, the less you pay for each box.

Ordering just a single Bullymake box will cost you $39. You can add an extra toy to each box for an additional $9.

Signing up for a 3 month plan brings the price down to $36, and signing up for 6 months means that each box is $34. The cheapest you can get is by signing up for 12 boxes, and that will cost you $31 per box. The website only provides options for the entire payment up front (for example, $372 up front if you select a 12 box plan), but apparently you can contact their customer service to set up a monthly plan instead.

You can also contact their customer service to change the frequency of shipping – so you could choose to get a box every 6 weeks instead of monthly, or something like that.

The Bottom Line

If your dog is a power chewer, this is a great box to try. Bullymake actually provides a guarantee that if any toys they send are destroyed within 14 days, they will send you a replacement. (A toy lasting for 2 full weeks with my Golden Retriever seems like a miraculous promise!) That’s pretty cool right?

I like the fact that you can specify particular allergies, or even just order a “toys only” box.  I also like the prompt shipping – the first box is shipped out in a day after it is ordered.

Bullymake Box









  • Designed specifically for heavy chewers
  • Can request a toys only option
  • Can specify if your dog has allergies


  • Costs more than some other boxes
  • Some rarer allergies cannot be specified.