So you have a heavy chewer. A dog who destroys any toy he or she is given in a matter of minutes. I have one, so I know the pain of this from personal experience. I have lost count of the times I have selected toy with love and care, not bothering about the high price tag (just because I love my darling Golden so very much), and handed the toy to her… only to find it totally ruined within five or so minutes. And you know what, she has so much fun in those five minutes, ripping the toy with vigor, and then pulling out all the stuffing with unfettered glee, that I can’t even get mad at her. After all, it was her toy, and she enjoyed it the way she wanted to. But, having paid a good price for the toy, I do very much wish that she’d have the toy around and enjoy it for at least a bit longer.


The scoop about heavy chewer subscription boxes:

If all that sounds familiar to you, then you are in the right place. What you need is a box which has toys specially designed for power chewers. There are a few of these out there, and I’ve researched them to cull out some main points for you. So here goes.


The makers of this box pride themselves on being focused only on power chewers! So this is certainly their niche, and they stand by this by giving a 14 day guarantee. Basically if your dog manages to destroy a toy in the box in less than 14 days, you can send them a picture of the destroyed toy, and they’ll send you a FREE replacement! Sounds good, right? The price of this box ranges from $31-$39, depending on how many boxes you subscribe for. For more details, check out our review. If this already sounds like what you want, then check this out.

bully make box

Super Chewer BarkBox

So if you are looking at subscription boxes for your dog, you’ve probably heard of Barkbox. Maybe it’s because they’ve been around longer than some of the other players on the market, or maybe it’s because their marketing budget is much larger… but no matter. The point right now is that this company has come up with a separate box directed at super chewers. Their price ranges from $29-$39 per box, depending on how long you subscribe for. Unlike the Bullymake, they don’t appear to have any guarantees regarding how long their toys will last.

Blockhead Box

This is another box focused mainly on heavy chewers. The company behind it is Fight4Them, which is against dog-fighting and which combats cruelty. I really like that these guys are doing something good in addition to having an interesting dog box. The price varies from $34-$39.95, depending on the length of your subscription. Apart from tough toys for your tough dog, you’ll also get a T-shirt or a hat or something like that for yourself!

Chew Chest

So this is a little bit of an inexact entrant here, since this is not a subscription box. Rather it is a gift box for your dog, for a birthday, a holiday, or for no reason at all. Still, it is designed specially for heavy chewers, so that’s why I thought it’d be good to include here. It seems like a small entity is behind it, which I support heartily – sometimes things that have less hype and less marketing budget are actually true treasures. Many times, this often translates into lower price, but unfortunately not so in this case. The box is priced at $44.97, which is steeper than pretty much every other option featured here.