What is ShaggySwag?

ShaggySwag is a monthly subscription box for you and your pup that provides quality items right to your door, saving you time and money. There is a lot of variety in their boxes, and all of their products are based on the three C’s – convenience, comfort, and connection. There are options for all sizes of dogs, and the items included are made to be enjoyable for both you and your furry friend. We have a special discount code to give our readers $10 off!

What’s In The Box and the Process of Checking Out

Every Shaggy Swag box comes with a large variety of cool items for you and your dog. Two or more toys, two or more treat bags, grooming wipes, and poop bags come in each box. There is also one other item in each box, like a fashion accessory.

ShaggySwag says all of their products abide by the three C’s – convenience, comfort, and connection. The items like poop bags, as mentioned above, are the convenience items. Comfort items include the toys and treats. The toys are eco-friendly  and custom-made, meaning you can’t find them anywhere else. The treats are always all-natural from the US or Canada. Lastly, there is one “connection” item, which, according to ShaggySwag, helps you bond with your furry friend. This can be a large variety of things, like a fashion accessory as mentioned above.

When you are checking out, you will be asked some basic questions about your dog so that your ShaggySwag box(es) will be appropriate for your dog. These include the size of your dog, your dog’s name, your dog’s breed, any allergies your dog has, and if your dog is a heavy chewer. Most of these questions are not required, but help ShaggySwag create a box you and your dog will like.

You can also gift ShaggySwag. The process is the exact same, meaning you get to choose what subscription plan you friend and their dog would be receiving. If you don’t want to do that, you can also give them a gift card, which allows them to choose their own plan.

What You Pay

ShaggySwag is relatively affordable when compared to the cost of the items in each box. Each box’s items are valued at more than $80, and you pay considerably less than that.

As with almost all subscription boxes, there are various plans which cost different amounts of money. You can subscribe for twelve months, six months, three months, or simply just buy one, one-time box. However, one unique thing about ShaggySwag’s plans are that for the twelve and three month plans, you do not have to pre-pay. You are billed monthly, but the cost of one box in the twelve month plan is still less than the cost of one box in the three month plan. The only plan in which you would need to pre-pay is the six month plan.

The cost of one single box is $32. In the three month plan, each box costs $30, which would come out to a total of $90 over the entire three months – but remember that you don’t have to pre-pay. Each box costs $28 in the six month plan, but you do have to pre-pay, meaning you would be paying $168. Each box is obviously the cheapest in the longest plan – the twelve month one. Each box is only $25, and it’s billed monthly rather than a large, upfront cost. In addition, every box has completely free shipping.

The Bottom Line

Overall, ShaggySwag seems to be a cool, fun subscription box that consists of items that will please both you and your pup. The actual products are unique and high-quality. One notable thing about ShaggySwag is that it includes items for your convenience, such as poop bags. This will probably save you time in going to the store to pick up these kinds of doggy-essentials. ShaggySwag’s price point, while not ideal, is right in the ballpark of many of the other dog subscription boxes on the market, and appears to be quite a good deal when looking at the value of the individual items in each box.

ShaggySwag Subscription Box









  • Convenience items are included
  • Items are all-natural and safe
  • Items are cheap when compared to retail
  • Some plans are billed monthly


  • No only treats or toys option
  • No seasonal themes