An Overview of PetGiftBox

PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription box made specifically for your furry friend. There are different boxes for both dogs and cats. PetGiftBox describes itself as a “bite sized” subscription box, meaning that it consists of a few, high-quality items. In addition, each box is seasonally-themed to make it even more fun for you and your beloved pet!

What’s In The Box

Though the items in each box obviously vary from box to box, generally, each box includes 5 to 6 items. These consist of treats, toys, and accessories. Chews are also included, but only in boxes for dogs.

PetGiftBox promises to only send treats that are all-natural and made in the USA. In addition, many different kinds of toys come in the boxes, including plush toys in dog boxes and chaser toys in cat boxes.

According to PetGiftBox, all products are tested by their own pets to ensure that your pet is receiving high-quality products.

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What You Pay

PetGiftBox is slightly more affordable than some other pet subscription boxes. As with all subscription boxes, the cost of each box depends on how many/how long you pre-pay for.

PetGiftBox offers three different purchasing options. Two of them are subscription plans, and the third is simply a one-time, one box purchase. As expected, if you pre-pay for an entire year, you get each box at its cheapest, $24.99. The other subscription plan is a three-month one. In this, you get each box for $27.99. For just one individual box, PetGiftBox charges $29.99.

When choosing your purchasing option, PetGiftBox also presents three more options regarding to whom the box is to be sent. You can choose to have the box(es) delivered right to your home. You can also choose to have the box sent to a friend and their furry friend. The third option is to send a gift card, which allows your friend to buy the box(es) themselves.

The Bottom Line

PetGiftBox is a fun subscription box with seasonal themes for each box. It is slightly more inexpensive than some other pet subscription boxes, but the contents obviously may not be as extensive as other boxes. The treats are always all-natural; however, if your furry friend has a specific food allergy, you may want to go with a box that allows you to choose what kinds of treats you receive. On the other hand, one feature of PetGiftBox that makes it more unique than some other boxes is that it includes some accessories for your pet as well. Overall, PetGiftBox is a really great box for people who want a fun box with premium products without paying an excessive amount.










  • Relatively inexepensive
  • Comes with a variety of items
  • Seasonally themed


  • Cannot specify your pet's allergies
  • Not made for heavy chewers