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GoGo Stik Review – The Best Pooper Scooper With A Bag

I’ll say this folks — I LOVE the GoGo Stik! And I do not say this lightly about any product. But this is a product that seriously improves the quality of my life (well, my husband’s really, since he’s the one who poop-scoops like 99% of the time, but who’s counting!). My Golden Retriever is the light of my life. The only thing that’s even remotely unpleasant that is connected with her is that we need to poop scoop our yard on a regular basis. And the GoGo Stik takes away a significant portion of that pain. Features The...

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Best Dog Ball Launchers Compared – Which Automatic Ball Thrower Is Right For You?

Some dogs just LOVE to fetch. Well, that’s a nice way of putting it. To put it bluntly, some of them are plainly obsessed with fetching, and will be super persistent in dropping a wet and slobbery ball at their human’s feet drive pretty much non-stop. It’s really enough to even a willing human round the bend! If that sounds like your situation, then one of these automatic ball launchers may be the perfect thing for your dog. We’ve compared many of these ball throwing machines below, so you can easily see how they match up. Click on the...

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PupPod Review – Smart Dog Toy

The Puppod is one of the latest additions to the gamut of smart dog toys on the market. You know your dog is smart, but just maybe you don’t know just how smart he or she really can be. The Puppod engages your dog in an interactive way, where your dog is rewarded for specific behaviors. As your dog’s skill and learning increases, so does the complexity of the challenges, making sure your dog is always entertained and always challenged. Features PupPod calls itself “the smart toy for smart dogs.” The game challenges start out easy, and the device...

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Embark vs Wisdom Panel vs DNA MY DOG – Which is the Best Dog DNA Test?

Dog DNA tests are all the rage nowadays. Often times, you’ll get a dog from a shelter, or get a rescue from some other place. In such situations, the staff from the shelter will give you their best guess of what the dog’s ancestry might be. But most times, their guess is simply that – they are looking at the dog and telling you what they think. But, as we all know, often times this is going to result in less than accurate information. If you have a dog like that, you are probably making and modifying guesses about...

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Petnet Smartfeeder | Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews

The Petnet SmartFeeder is true to its name – its a really smart, hi-tech pet feeder. Not only does can it be controlled from a mobile app, but it also works with Amazon Alexa. So instead of arguing endlessly about which member of your family is going to get up and feed your dog, you can simply say something like “Alexa, feed Molly”! Is that cool or is that cool? Features You can control the Petnet SmartFeeder from your mobile app, and use it to set up an automated feeding schedule for your dog, complete with portion sizing and...

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