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7 Things Only Frenchie Parents Would Understand

1. There is nothing in the world cuter than a Frenchie puppy. The cutest little yawn shake. 2. You are not lying when you blame your dog for the disgusting odor in the room. Frenchies can let loose with farts like no one else! 3. Your Frenchie’s snores are reverberatingly loud, but you’ve learned to treat them as soothing sounds which lull you to sleep. 4. You couldn’t find a better babysitter anywhere. 5. When your Frenchie is embarrassingly stubborn in public, you promise yourself you’ll teach him or her a lesson when you get home… Going to work...

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ShaggySwag Subscription Box: Review and Coupon Code

What is ShaggySwag? ShaggySwag is a monthly subscription box for you and your pup that provides quality items right to your door, saving you time and money. There is a lot of variety in their boxes, and all of their products are based on the three C’s – convenience, comfort, and connection. There are options for all sizes of dogs, and the items included are made to be enjoyable for both you and your furry friend. We have a special discount code to give our readers $10 off! What’s In The Box and the Process of Checking Out Every...

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Rover vs. Wag! – Which Service Is Better For You?

Rover vs. Wag – the war is on. When you are looking for doggie related services – whether it is dog walking, dog sitting, or dog boarding – two names come up over and over again: Rover and Wag. So of course the question arises as to which one you should go with. Like with most other things in life, it’s not a question of which service is objectively better (is there such a thing?), but rather which one suits your needs and your particular situation better. There are of course certain strengths and weaknesses of each service, and...

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PetGiftBox Subscription Box Review

An Overview of PetGiftBox PetGiftBox is a monthly subscription box made specifically for your furry friend. There are different boxes for both dogs and cats. PetGiftBox describes itself as a “bite sized” subscription box, meaning that it consists of a few, high-quality items. In addition, each box is seasonally-themed to make it even more fun for you and your beloved pet! What’s In The Box Though the items in each box obviously vary from box to box, generally, each box includes 5 to 6 items. These consist of treats, toys, and accessories. Chews are also included, but only in...

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Dog Subscription Boxes For Heavy Chewers: Which One Should You Choose?

So you have a heavy chewer. A dog who destroys any toy he or she is given in a matter of minutes. I have one, so I know the pain of this from personal experience. I have lost count of the times I have selected toy with love and care, not bothering about the high price tag (just because I love my darling Golden so very much), and handed the toy to her… only to find it totally ruined within five or so minutes. And you know what, she has so much fun in those five minutes, ripping the...

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