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If you’re looking for customizability, expandability, and durability, the full waterproof Dogtra EDGE e-collar has it all. This user-friendly device makes dog training simple. The handheld transmitter is tube-shaped, which makes for a comfortable fit. Additionally, the one-handed operation offers a customizable stimulation dial for a smooth Rheostat style or the Step Dial with clicks, with 127 stimulation levels in total. Have more than one dog? No problem! The Dogtra EDGE can be expanded to use with multiple dogs.


Whether it’s training for hunting, hounds, K9, or even amateurs who are serious about training their dogs, the Dogtra Edge will meet these needs using its advanced technology. The 1-mile range e-collar is designed for dogs 35 pounds or larger of all breeds and temperaments. The Dogtra EDGE’s low to high stimulation receiver also includes built-in LED lights for locating your dog in the dark. There are a variety of settings which include flashing or continuous light in white, orange, green, and blue. (See the Product Comparison section below to compare this to the Dogtra Edge RT.)

Dogtra Edge vs Edge RT, and other Product Comparisons

Dogtra Edge and Edge RT basically have the same features, with a couple of notable differences. The Dogtra Edge system is expandable to be used with up to 4 dogs. In contrast, the Dogtra Edge RT – which is also an expandable system – can be used with a maximum of 3 dogs. Another difference is that the Dogtra Edge includes built-in LED lighting as mentioned above, so that you can easily locate your dog in the dark. The Dogtra Edge RT does not include the tracking lights. As a result of having given up these couple of features, the Dogtra Edge RT costs less than the Dogtra Edge. So basically, if you are not planning on working with more than 3 dogs, and you are not particularly worried about not being able to see them in the dark, then save yourself a few bucks and go with the Edge RT.

Dogtra Edge

  • Expandable for use with upto 4 dogs
  • Includes LED lights for tracking dogs in the dark
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Dogtra Edge RT

  • Expandable for use with up to 3 dogs
  • No LED tracking lights
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The Dogtra Edge is definitely top of the line. Most of Dogtra’s competitors like SportDog and Aeterek only offer 3-dog training collars on Amazon. The Aeterek 3-dog training collar, Aeterek 216D also has an advanced design like the Dogtra Edge with an delectro-magnetic induction switch solution on the power ON/OFF switch to ensure unlimited accuracy. However, the Aeterek device has more limits on its stimulation levels, with just 7 shock settings and 1 with beep and vibration. The Dogtra Edge’s customizable stimulation dial, on the other hand, offers more variety, with its smooth Rheostat style and step dial and 127 stimulation levels. The 3-dog capability SportDog 425 falls even shorter. This device only has a 500-yard range compared to the Dogtra Edge’s 1-mile. It also solely offers low to medium stimulation levels limited to only 7 settings. The Aerterek 216D and the SportDog 425 also lack LED lights as well.

Customer Reviews

On Amazon, the Dogtra Edge received an average rating of 4.6 stars. Moreover, the popular brand excelled with buyers—there were no 1 or 2 star ratings out of the 18 reviews for the product. Reviewers praised the 4-dog capability—one reviewer wrote that the Dogtra Edge is one of the few device’s out there that lets you train 4 dogs at once. Others raved about the device’s LED lights, long battery life and how quickly it trains a dog. Amazon reviewers didn’t note many negative aspects about the Dogtra Edge. However, a 3-star reviewer complained that after 8 months the device stopped “working great”. The reviewer also said that the device was too expensive for its quality. A 4-star reviewer wrote that the controller was “a bit larger than expected” and preferred other devices that were pocket sized.


The Bottom Line

The Dogtra Edge is probably the best product out there to date in our current dog market. The only downside is the price, but in a sense, you are getting what you pay for. These are some of the most advanced features that a training collar can have.

Dogtra Edge






Battery Life



  • 4-dog training system
  • Customizable stimulation dial with 127 stimulation levels
  • 1-mile range


  • The transmitter is not very compact