Garmin has equipped the Astro 430 with its latest and greatest software to date. It will be practically impossible to lose track of your dog when you can pinpoint his every move. He won’t even notice that he’s wearing it. This handheld tracking system is perfect for sporting dogs. With this device, as many as 20 dogs can be tracked at one time. The range depends on the specific collar with which you pair the Astro 430 – it is around 9 miles when paired with the Garmin T 5 collar device; with the T 5 mini collar device, it is around 4 miles.


Garmin Astro 430’s crisp digital display provides a clear view of your dog’s current location and a marked trail of where he’s been. If you’re tracking multiple dogs, don’t fret. The auto-zoom function allows you to closely examine each one’s activity. You can even switch over to a Dog Track page to view a compass pointing to each dog’s location. The rapid update rate (every 2.5-seconds) allows for speedier location tracking when dogs are off and running, and its hunt metrics data helps to analyze your dog’s tracking habits outside. The GPS/GLONASS reception lends itself to superior satellite tracking in environments that are more challenging, which also allows you to discover how to train him more effectively.

Product Comparisons

This product is essentially an upgraded version of the Garmin Astro 320. Astro 320 could only track up to ten dogs at a time and had limited capability compared to Astro 430. However, compared to the popular SportDog brand TEK Series 2.0, Garmin Astro 430 falls a bit short. TEK Series 2.0 lets you track up to 21 dogs with similar hunting metrics, ranging up to 10 miles. It also includes DRYTEK waterproof technology and is submersible up to 25 feet. Garmin Astro 430, on the other hand, is only water resistant to IPX7, signifying that it can handle being exposed to water of up to 1 meter for as much as 30 minutes. On Amazon, a new Garmin Astro 430 is about a hundred dollars cheaper than TEK Series 2.0, probably because it is a bit less advanced. If you’re specifically looking for a 10-mile range than TEK Series 2.0 is the better choice. If a 9-mile range and a 20 dog tracking ability satisfies your current needs then you may want to go with Garmin Astro 430 because it is the cheaper option.

Another product that the Astro 430 is often compared with is the Garmin Alpha 100. The biggest difference between these two products is that the Astro 430 is simply a tracker – albeit a very sophisticated one – while the Alpha is a tracker as well as a remote trainer. If you want to train your dog in addition to tracking it, then you should seriously consider the Alpha 100. You may want to take a look at our head-to-head Astro 430 vs. Alpha 100 analysis.

Customer Reviews

Most reviewers on Amazon rated Garmin Astro 430 5 stars saying that it “works great” and is the “best insurance” for your dog. A Beagle owner said he could watch her dog on the Astro 430 while she was hunting for rabbits in the woods.

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The Bottom Line

Garmin Astro 430 is an exceptional product for tracking dogs and is more affordable than SportDog TEK Series 2.0. Just make sure that you don’t drop it in water because it may not function properly afterwards.

Garmin Astro 430






Ease of use



  • Advanced tracking capability for up to 20 dogs with hunt metrics data
  • 2.5 second update rate with fast location tracking
  • GPS/GLONASS reception for better satellite tracking


  • Limited water resistance
  • Ranges do not go over 10 miles