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I’ll say this folks — I LOVE the GoGo Stik! And I do not say this lightly about any product. But this is a product that seriously improves the quality of my life (well, my husband’s really, since he’s the one who poop-scoops like 99% of the time, but who’s counting!).

My Golden Retriever is the light of my life. The only thing that’s even remotely unpleasant that is connected with her is that we need to poop scoop our yard on a regular basis. And the GoGo Stik takes away a significant portion of that pain.


The beauty of the GoGo Stik is that it keeps your hands clean, your face far away from the poop, and keeps the GoGo Stik itself totally clean too, so that you don’t have to do any post-cleaning!

It’s also really simple to use. Just take a plastic bag – any bag will work apparently, but I actually use the bags it comes with, and just reorder them when I’m done. You can pick up many poops in a single bag, so it’s actually a while before you run out of bags. In any case, you just take a plastic bag, secure it on to the GoGo Stik, and then scoop away. The poop goes directly into the bag, without touching the GoGo Stik at all. When you are done, just remove the bag, tie it up, and dump it in the trash – and you’re done!

Another great feature is that this device can actually scoop up poop from various surfaces fairly easily – I’ve tried it on grass, bark, and concrete (you use the other side of the shovel part of the GoGo Stick for that – you can see that in the video below).

I have to mention one more thing — you don’t have to bend down to pick up the poop – not only does your face stay far away from the mess, but you also don’t have to develop kinks in your back with repeated bending down and straightening up.

Product Comparisons

The traditional poop-scoopers have metal jaws, and you use them to clamp down on both sides of the poop and lift it up. Hello?! Anybody see the problems here? First, it’s not that easy to clamp down that way and actually pick up all the poop, especially if it’s not totally solid (not trying to be gross here – just real). Second, once you’ve clamped down around the poop, what are you going to do with it? Dump it directly in the trash? Ugh. Try to make sure it falls straight into a plastic bag that you are precariously trying to hold open with your other hand? Not sure how that would work. Third – and this is my pet peeve (pun intended!) – who in the world is going to spend time getting out the garden hose and washing the poop-scooper after you are done with the picking up?

Some people like a rake and shovel combo, but I think it’s somewhat cumbersome, and continues to be laden with some of the issues described above.

I think you get the picture…

The Bodhi Dog Poo Pack seems to include some sort of optional plastic bags, but I have not personally looked into it in any detail yet. I may do a detailed review of that one soon.

Customer Reviews

Overall, customers really like this product. They find it very convenient and clean. Many have also commented on the awesomeness of not having to bend to pick up the poop. A few have mentioned that it is sometimes a bit tricky to scoop the poop up and into the bag. You can read some of the reviews yourself below.


The Bottom Line

What can I say folks? The bottom line here is – what are you waiting for? Just get the dang thing. I don’t easily give products such glowing reviews, but this one here is a real keeper.

Gogo Stik






Ease of Use



  • Very clean
  • Easy to use
  • No bending needed


  • Sometimes tricky to get the poop into the bag