The WonderWoof Bowtie Activity Monitor gives your dog a cute new look and healthier habits. There are activity targets for your dog based on his or her size, breed, age, etc. You can compare your dog’s activity to these target levels to assess how your dog is doing.


The device has an ultra-light weight design to ensure comfortability for all dogs with a battery life that lasts up to 7 days. It is waterproof—submersible to a 1 meter depth for up to 30 minutes—and shockproof. You shouldn’t have to worry about the Bowtie breaking easily.

The WonderWoof comes with a platoon of other features as well. You have the ability to map your walks, You can also set care reminders, add even add caretakers for your dog. Plus, you can use WonderWoof’s free app to connect with dog lovers near you.

Product Comparisons

Unlike the Whistle, the WonderWoof BowTie does not have a GPS and, therefore it does not track your dog’s location in real time. Therefore, if you are worried about your dog running off somewhere or getting lost, the Whistle may be a better choice for you. However, if your dog pretty much stays by you or on leash the whole time, and you are looking for an activity monitor only, then the WonderWoof is a much better choice — for one thing, you save the monthly subscription fees that is charged by most of the GPS enabled trackers!!

The WonderWoof is similar to the Fitbark in many ways, so you may often hear about a WonderWoof vs Fitbark comparison. Which one of these two you should go with is really a personal choice. The WonderWoof seems more stylish and chic to many, with its Bowtie appearance. Also, the WonderWoof app is more gamified, with the goal of earning 10 dog bones every day for your dog. The Fitbark, however, has a higher satisfaction rating from consumers, and really does do a stellar job in tracking your dog’s activity. You can also take a look at our Fitbark review before you make your final decision.

On Amazon, and WonderWoof’s site alike, some bowties are cheaper than others. On WonderWoof’s site, the “Bad to the Bone Orange” color is listed at $57.00, while the other colors are all normally priced at $95.00. On Amazon, the “BoneTie Black” is the cheapest—costing only $23.45. “Canine Candy Pink” is listed at $28.95 and “Dogaquamarine” is listed at $49.90. The other colors are listed at $75.00 on Amazon, but if you’re not too picky, you buy this product for an affordable price.

Customer Reviews

Amazon reviewers gave the WonderWoof Bowtie Activity Monitor an average of 3.8 stars. Positive reviewers like the waterproof feature, “cute” style and the user friendliness. One reviewer wrote “it’s like a Fitbit for your dog”. Negative reviewers complained about the range and malfunctions.

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The Bottom Line

This is a cute, simple product to keep track of your dog’s health that could save you a few trips to the vet. There are affordable prices on Amazon which makes it even more worth it. However, if you want a device that is able to track your dog’s location, you may want to look elsewhere.

WonderWoof Bowtie






Battery Life



  • Offers a range of different colors—some are very affordable
  • Easy to use app
  • Waterproof protection—submersible up to 1 meter


  • May be prone to malfunction
  • Some colors are more expensive