The Garmin DriveTrack 70 LMT is an in-vehicle device that is perfect whether you’re traveling on the roads and highways. The GPS combines the latest in driver alerts, voice-activated navigation, lifetime maps of North America, free lifetime traffic, and is packed with many more features. The Garmin DriveTrack is compatible with both Garmin Astro 430 and Alpha 100 handhelds, and syncs wirelessly with them. So it can be used to help track and find sporting dogs in the field. Markers for each dog are visible within tracking range. The information from these handhelds is overlaid on satellite image views on the large GPS moving map display, with directional cues that help you easily locate your dog.


The Garmin DriveTrack GPS is packed with advanced features that make driving much smoother and easier. A feature called Up Ahead, for example shows places and milestones along your route right on your navigation display. You don’t need to worry about a thing while cruising on a highway. This tracker is completely safe to use while driving. In fact, the DriveTrack also provides alerts to encourage safer driving and awareness of your surroundings. There are warnings for speed changes, steep curves, different zones, railroad crossings and even animal crossings. Are long drives a pain for you? Do they make you tired? The DriveTrack has a fatigue warning to fix this problem. The warning is great because it even proposes break times and potential rest areas after you’ve driven for a long while.

Product Comparisons

Th Garmin DriveTrack 70 lmt can be used to track your dog – however, that is just one of its many applications. As discussed above, it has a plethora of features which have nothing to do with your dog, but rather with safer driving, being more aware of your surroundings and so on.

If you are looking at the Garmin DriveTrack, you are most probably someone with a sporting dog that you use for hunting and retrieving. In that case, you probably already have something like the Alpha TT15 collar with the Alpha 100 or the Astro 430 handsets. As mentioned above, this device works very well in conjunction with those. If you follow along in a truck when your dogs are hunting, the Garmin DriveTrack 70 lmt, with its on-road and off-road GPS navigation, is an unparalleled choice.

Customer Reviews

Three Amazon reviewers rated the Garmin DriveTrack with an average of 5 stars. The reviewers praised features like the ability to plug in trail maps and detailed topo and the maps birds-eye view. One reviewer did comment on a negative aspect, writing that the 7-inch display was a bit small. The reviewer wrote that a 10-inch screen was preferable.

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The Bottom Line

This is an essential device for those who have sporting dogs and are on the go. In any part of the U.S. you will be able to accurately locate your dog on the DriveTrack, without worrying about a thing. Plus, it helps you to be a better and safer driver too and that’s always a good thing!

Garmin DriveTrack 70 LMT






Feature Rich



  • Offers TOPO U.S. 100K contours and satellite image views
  • Lifetime maps of North America
  • Multi-situational driver alerts
  • On and Off Road GPS navigation


  • 7 inch screen